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Themes and trends change every season but the our style and overall image remains the constant. 

Linea Pitti aims at catering for the requirements of a strong and confident man who is modern and elegant. We work one-on-one with our clients to customize shirts unique to their size, style, and sensibility.


Today, we continue to marry stylish design and informed craftsmanship with the best possible fit to provide our customers with their ideal shirts.

Our work is always driven by our mantra “quality above all,” which influences how we select our materials, pursue our craft, and provide exceptional personalized service.


Bespoke Experience

A simple conversation will help us understand your requirements and preferences. Our experienced staff will guide you through our library of the world’s best fabrics, helping you find the most suitable choice for your bespoke creation.


Bring your vision to life and choose from over multiple collar, cuff, and monogram styles and a variety of other styling options. Whether you are new to the bespoke experience or are a more discerning customer, our staff is always ready to serve you and provide suggestions if needed.

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